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Protect Your Colon with Curcumin and Ginger

Curcumin and ginger, two related spice extracts have both shown promise in reducing risk factors linked to CRC. One trial found that 4 grams of curcumin, an extract from turmeric root, taken daily reduced the number of aberrant crypt foci or pre-polyps by 40%. Ginger, given at a dosage of 2 grams daily, lowers inflammation and normalizes cell growth in people at increased risk for colorectal cancer. Supplementing with a high dosage of calcium and Vitamin D (2,000 mg calcium carbonate & 800 IU Vitamin D) reduces DNA damage and alters specific genetic signaling commonly present in those with CRC. According to a study in the July 2010 issue of the journal Gut, EPA, a purified form of fish oil, decreased colon polyp counts by over 22% and polyp size by about 30%. Another trial reports that an identical dosage and form of fish oil, 2 grams/day of EPA free-fatty acids, positively affects new cell growth and enhances the healthy elimination of cells (apoptosis). A final supplement worth considering is concentrated green tea extract (GTE). A 12 month, placebo-controlled study using 1,500 mg/day of GTE discovered that GTE reduced the risk of colon polyps by over half compared to a placebo. Additionally, the size of newly detected polyps were smaller in the participants taking the green tea capsules. Currently, it’s unknown exactly how GTE confers this protective effect. However one study hints that it may do so by rapidly reducing inflammation (prostaglandin E2) in colon tissue.  Read More at

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Trader Joe's Extravirgins (and Floozies)

Premium 100% Greek Kalamata

1 liter for $8.99
Aroma:  spicy, complex, very fresh
Flavor:  nice mature fruit, real zing of pungency, pleasant bitterness, a gentle nutmeg-like spiciness
Label:  "Earthy flavor, delicate aroma, smooth finish."  Don't know what any of this means, and "earthy" isn't exactly what you'd want in olive oil (in fact, it's a defect).  But I really liked this oil.
Miscellaneous: Nice deep green color, very agreeable mouthfeel (pleasantly pasty)
BBD 02/10/2014 (credible)

California Estate Olive Oil

500 ml for $5.99
Aroma:  very full ripe fruit
Flavor:  typical of well-made arbequina: gentle, balanced, sweetish in a good way, quite spicy finish
Label:  identifies the olive cultivar (arbequina), which is important information.  "Lively olive flavor, mild peppery finish" (I agree with the latter, at least).  But no BBD visible on the bottle, which is a big demerit, especially since this oil, like most arbequinas, will probably deteriorate fast

Premium Extra Virgin

946 ml for $7.99
Aroma: full ripe fruit aroma, a little tired
Flavor: no appreciable bitterness, pleasant pungency (gentle and persistent burn), quite flat and bland, faintly sweet, tastes of arbequina, very fluid in the mouth
Label:  imported from Italy, packed in the USA.  Made from oils made in Italy, Spain, Argentina and Greece.  "Robust, fruity flavor.  Full bodied taste.  Fragrant and smooth."  Sadly, little of this is actually true:  I'll go along with smooth, and somewhat fragrant, but that's about it
Miscellaneous:  Intense green color
BBD June 2015:  This oil is already mature.  There is NO WAY it will be good 2 years from now.

Trader José's 100% Spanish Organic

500 ml for $5.99
Aroma: obvious winey-vinegary defect.  This isn't extra virgin olive oil.
Flavor: winey-vinegary defect, also slight fustiness, unpleasant and imbalanced.  No appreciable pepper, virtually no bitter, almost no fruitiness
Color: brownish, straw-colored (can see why they put in green glass bottle)
BBD 04-2015.  If this oil is defective already, it will be appalling in 20 more months.

Trader Giotto's Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500 ml for $3.99
Aroma:  Faint ripe olive, very flat and tired - not fresh.  There's a noticeable winey-vinegary defect, so it's not extra virgin olive oil at all.
Flavor:  winey-vinegary defect, as well as a hint of mold.  Faint but unpleasant bitterness, zero complexity.  This oil is DOA.
Label:  The familiar marketing game:  label says "Packed in Italy," though the fine print on the back of the bottle informs you that it's made "with oils from Italy, Spain, Greece, Tunisia."
BBD 10/17/14  Like before, if it's bad now, think what 14 months will do to it.

Trader Giotto's 100% Italian President's Reserve

1 liter for $6.99
Aroma:  strong winey-vinegary defect
Flavor:  unpleasant bitterness, very stale, little to no fruit flavors.  Strong winey-vinegary defect, so it's not extra virgin grade in the first place
Label:  "Made from select olives and is cold pressed to provide a distinctive aroma, taste and an intense fruity flavor."  All of which is pure marketing malarkey.  Says the olives were grown in Puglia, Sicily, and Calabria, so "Product of Italy" seems appropriate here
BBD 10/30/14  Once again, the oil is defective now, so what it will be like in 14 months doesn't bear thinking about.


It's great to find a large-scale retail chain selling good-quality oils at very competitive prices.  One of them, anyhow: I found the Premium 100% Greek Kalamata oil a standout.  Still, a company with a reputation for food expertise should do better.  Think what Trader Joe's could do to spread the good word about great olive oil, if they got serious about oil quality.  And in more commercial terms, think what a competitive advantage some drop-dead-gorgeous extra virgins could become for them - "Trader Joe's promises you the real deal in olive oil!"
Truth in Olive Oil calls on Trader Joe's to take a stand on extravirginity, for the sake of their customers.

 Other Picks

 California Olive Ranch – good fresh extra virgin olive oil, mainly from the arbequina and arbosana cultivars, grown in super high density groves in northern California. Available at a wide range of stores throughout the US (see the store locator).  Note that their Limited Reserve is the highest-quality oil, unfiltered and from olives picked during the first 2 weeks of harvest (reviewed here).  "Everyday" is the company's best-seller, with a flexible flavor profile.  Arbequina, Arbosana, and Miller’s Blend oils, part of the company's "gold medal series," have actually won more medals in olive oil competitions than COR's other oils, thanks to their distinct flavor profiles.
Can be found at Market Basket, Stop and Shop

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How bodybuilding may hold the key to a major ageing problem

his is important because muscle loss with age is associated with impaired physical function and loss of independence. This is particularly true if it is combined with the muscle wasting that people experience if they are immobilised after injuries or surgery. For example, around 50% of women over the age of 65 who break a hip never walk again. The cause? Loss of muscle mass associated with the injury and the ensuing bed rest.  READ MORE

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Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure

Ghirardelli's 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure in After Only One Week -- Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Does Not!

"The higher concentration of dark chocolate was the only one that had statistically significant results within the measure of blood pressure," scientists say. | Foor, Melissa A. "Comparison of Two Dark Chocolate and Their Effect on Blood Pressure." (2014).