Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finally the Truth about The Biggest Loser

It’s a made-for-TV spectacle that has morphed into a cruel hoax perpetrated on the typical overweight person in America who is desperately looking for the weight-loss secret. It shows precisely how NOT to lose weight. Talk about two steps forward and three steps back Read More

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shamrock Shuttle Winnie Relay Report

Steve provided an excellent synopsis from the front of the pack. Here's what it looked like further back.

Leg 1 - Ram, at 71 years old, manages to finish his leg just 14 seconds behind Renee. Amazing.
Leg 2 - This is me. The weather is perfect and my training was good, so I am looking forward to this. After 5 minutes, however, I can tell it's not going to be a good day for me. I feel like crap and have a bad stitch/cramp in my side that will NOT go away. Slowing down, walking - nothing helps. I am pissed now and feeling sorry for myself. I even shed a few tears. What is wrong with me? My Shamrock supporters are incredible but I am sure they think I am nuts. Then, ahead in the distance I see Melissa!! She is struggling after RTB and a sore foot. I catch up to her and tell her what a terrible run I'm having. We commiserate, and I feel much better. We wish each other luck and I move on. I finished up OK, but never really recovered. I feel awful that my team is now so far behind and won't make the cut-off for Leg 8, but there is no time for pity -- we need to get a move on.
Leg 3 - Jen. Jen also ran RTB, and we didn't mention how hard Leg 3 was until the day before the race. She powered through like a champ -- finishing strong and swearing that she would NOT do Leg 3 again!! We'll see about that :-)
Leg 4 - Joe "I haven't run more than 3 miles since June" Well - Joe ran the race of his life with an 8 minute pace. I think he's recovered from whatever was ailing him.
Leg 5 - Maureen. Despite not having her fuel belt with her - Mo maintained a consistent pace start to finish without ever looking tired. She even did leg 8 for another team when she was finished.
Leg 6 - Ellen - Ellen witnessed my breakdown and had to play therapist for me earlier in the day. I think this helped her on her leg as she was no longer trapped in the car with me (and Ram's Hindu music!) She finished with a huge smile and talked about what a wonderful race she had. She's a pro.
Leg 7 - Randy running a second leg here was able to make up some time on Bob Croke (Gerry Crowe's team was running pretty much neck in neck with us all day) He gave it everything he had.
Leg 8 - Erin's boyfriend (not a Shamrock) killed this leg - I don't know his time but I am going to guess it was our fastest of the day.

Can't wait for next year!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lake Winnie Mens' Open and Mix-Masters

Leg-1 Noel started off with bang running 1:10'ish, Kathy Stackpole had a great leg on her run.

Leg-2 My leg, I knew Vlad was running this leg. I knew at some point out there he would catch me. Leg 2 start with about 1 mile hill climb then down for about 3 miles pretty steep at some points. Trying not to get to beat up from the hills because there's still a 10k to run at the bottom.I notice this year there were hardly any runners to be seen out there(other than the numerous Shamrock support cars).I was more or less a solo run.Approaching Alton Bay I hear the footsteps that I don't want to hear. Its Vlad cruising along like a sports car. Lucky for me , we about 800 meters from the finish. I make my final push to keep it as close as possible. I finish up at 1:15:50

Leg-3 Andy takes off with Danny right behind him. This continues for most of the leg 3. Andy ended up a PR for leg 3.

Leg-4 Randy and Marsha ran leg 4 both ran very good legs

Leg-5 I only saw the finish of this leg. I hear one of the official yell Shamrock coming in I see Kieran coming in and a second later I hear the official yell again another Shamrock runner coming in its Mike Burns right behind him.

Leg-6 Chris takes off and makes the this looks easy with a 38'ish leg.Val was right behind him running a strong leg.

Leg-7 Matt takes off and Ray Johnson is behind him.They both came in neck and neck at the finish. Matt look real strong during his leg and I think Matt hit a PR for his leg 60ish.Ray crushed the leg with a 52ish. My guess probably one the fastest for that leg.

Leg-8 Noel and Julie are finishing up . Traffic is heavy which make for tough runners .They both threw up great times..

We finish up
7 63 1/5 SHAMROCK MIXED MASTERPIECE MIXED 40+ 7:25:00 6:51

We dropped 8 minutes off last year's time. Noel also went back to run leg 8 again for other team........

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RTB Report

We had a great time at RTB. I was on the Veterans team and van 1 started at 8:00 Friday morning. Our van started about 1:30 PM. I had leg 11 (5th of 6 in our van). Total miles about 17.5. I was hoping to average 8:00 pace and I was close coming in at 8:05. My first leg had some brutal up and down hills right at the beginning and I was off pace coming in at 8:13 for 7.4 miles.

I had Gerry, Cindy, Siobhan, Renee and Linda Santullo in my van and we all got along great and had some great laughs. Cindy's 5-breasted chicken (I prefer my breasts in pairs, thank you) and Siobhan offering to change her first name to Colette (so her mother-in-law would get her name right) were some of the classics.

Oh yea, Randy was talking trash about his team passing us on Saturday morning. I'm proud to say that my van mates stepped up and we all ran our fastest times on our last leg!

Randy we all love ya, but talking trash to a bunch of over the hill runners half your age who are out there to have fun, doesn't cut it!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Reach the Beach? plus Sat trails update

Bob - we need a race report posted, pronto! Congratulations to all who ran this -- I saw the Shamrock average pace on both teams and was mighty impressed.

The trails were dark at 6am - I think any future 6am trail runs will need to move to 6:30 or later. A small but ambitious group! I kept up a reasonable pace (considering I was watch-less) and still finished DFL. No matter, it felt fantastic. The weather was phenomenal.

I saw people (not Shamrocks) running with hats, mittens, long pants and sleeves both Sat and Sun morning. C'mon!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quick and Effective Hamstring Warm-up

There are a huge variety of hamstring stretches, and many of them are good, but my goal is always to reduce things down to what is essential and leave the rest for special case scenarios. When it comes to effectively warming up the hamstrings, I have reduced it down to two movements, the squat and the leg swing.I include the leg swing, because the hamstring is composed of four muscles and the squat does not affect them all equally. According to bodybuilding wisdom, the hamstring is a knee flexor. According to reality, it is both a knee flexor and a hip extensor. Without getting too technical, some of the muscles in the hamstring cross the knee joint, but not the hip joint. Some cross the hip joint, but not the knee joint, and others cross both joints. As a result, the squat will stretch the hip extensor muscles very effectively, including the glutes. It will not stretch the knee extensors at all, because they are in a shortened position. The result is that your entire hamstring is not being stretched. By contrast, on the leg swing, you are stretching the knee extensors and dual extensors to the max, with less emphasis on the hip extensors.

The Squat

In your warm-up, bodyweight or broomstick overhead squats are fine.

The Leg Swing

To perform a leg swing, you simply swing your leg forwards and backwards. You can hold onto something for balance if necessary, or do them free standing to train your balance. Keep your swinging leg straight and keep a slight bend in your support leg. It is okay to come up onto your toes at the top of the swing. Try to get good range of motion on the backswing as well, because it is also very important to stretch your hip flexors.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My computer was down for a few day but I'm back ...Thursday Night Tempo ran Johnson road a 9'ish mile course about 1.08

What Are Probiotics?

To cut to the chase, they’re the bacteria that sit in your intestines. And there are lots and lots of these little buggers in your guts. In fact, there are far more of them than there are cells in your body, to the tune of 10 times as many.
Basically, the bacteria in your intestines handle a few minor jobs for you, such as:

Digesting your food

Fighting off pathogenic bacteria before they actually enter the body, i.e., front-line immune system defense

Keeping things, umm…moving in the bathroom

Basically, these little guys in your guts are out there fighting for you and freeing up the nutrients you eat so your body can absorb them. Just minor things like that. Given their importance, it’s pretty obvious that you better be doing something to keep them happy

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Its not as bad as it looks....

Food Cravings

There are different reasons as to why people will crave certain foods; this all depends on the individual. The reason behind food cravings can be as simple as not eating the right balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates which your body needs in order to function optimally. Cravings can also be a sign of vitamin or mineral more

Long Run!

I did my last 20 miler of my Chicago program this morning in the pouring rain. I have to say that I didn't really mind the rain all that much.

I felt really good today and was still strong at the end. RTB next week then 2 weeks to taper before the big day.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

O-Lifting is all about speed...

Tempo Run with a Funny Twist

So today called for 10 miles. 1 mile warm-up 8 miles at 1/2 marathon pace and a 1 mile cool down. I have been doing 8:30's as my "training" 1/2 marathon pace because I've been doing Johnson Rd. McMillan calculator says a race pace at the 1/2 for me is 8:10. So this morning I decide to split the difference and try for 8:20's on my home 10 mile loop.

I didn't have too much trouble maintaining the pace until the last 2 miles. I still managed to average exactly 8:20/mile.

At the end of the run I look at my watch and notice that my total time is 1:26:46 which includes a 9:41 warm-up and 10:06 cool down miles......that time is SIX minutes FASTER than my time for Yankee Homecoming!!! And at no point during today's run did I feel anywhere near as miserable as I felt up in Newburyport.......I hate that race!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cape Ann 25K Race Report

Perfect day; perfect weather; beautiful scenery, and a pretty landscape too. I really have to work on my race estimating skills now that I run 64 mpw. I guessed this one at 1:55, an improvement of almost 3 minutes. Instead I get 1:49:31, an improvement of over 8½ minutes! That's a PR for this course, my fourth running. I really never ran out of steam, though it did hurt a lot. Only two glasses of Gatorade on the course and it might have hurt a bit less if they had a couple more Gatorade stations. Started out with Andy, but he went ahead when I stopped for my first Gatorade. He paid me the highest running compliment at the end though, saying he kept going full-on because he expected me to come up behind him at any time. Yikes! He had me by over two minutes though. He is going to rip some races when he bumps up to 50 mpw then 60 mpw. He's at 40mpw minimum right now and running like the blazes.
Eight of my mile splits were in the 7's; two of those were Gatorade stops, one was the first mile. Seven full mile splits were in the 6's, and the final partial split was at 6:31 pace. Sweet! Best full mile split was 6:41, slowest was first mile at 7:28; next slowest was 7:19. I can live with those numbers for a long, long time. Garmin teased me with a 6:58 average, but at race distance it came out to 7:03. Very hilly course. Sixteen significant hills, they claim. I can't argue. A ton of Shamrocks ran this, or the 7K Around the Goose race. There is a group photo floating around somewhere. A carload of Shamrock cheerleaders came around near mile 13 or so. That was cool. There was a party afterward somewhere, but I had to leave for another event.





push ups

Monday, September 7, 2009

How to Get Stronger at Push-ups and Pull-ups

How to Get Stronger at Push-ups and Pull-ups Using a Soviet Special Forces Technique

I want to explain to you a method of how to get stronger at push-ups and pull-ups. I found out about this method from former Soviet special forces trainer, Pavel Tsatsouline. Pavel is a guy I began following closely since the late 90's. I was just fascinated by his advanced strength training methods that were unlike anything I had read in the mainstream fitness magazines. His methods were based around training elite military forces how to stay light and lean, while gaining amazing strength. I began studying this guy like a mad-man. Here is just one of the many techniques I learned from this master trainer from the former Soviet Union.

Read More

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Nutrition Facts Of Milk And Milk Substitutes

I found this pretty interesting...

There are any number of reasons why people choose not to include milk in their diets. For those of us that adhere to a Primal or Paleo lifestyle, milk doesn’t fit. Vegans and some vegetarians don’t include milk because it’s of animal origin. And then there are those that are lactose intolerant. Finally, there are the people that have been convinced by slick marketing that non-milks are better options than the real deal.

So I suppose the starting point is to look at the nutrition facts of the main “milks” that people drink. I’m going to focus on plain ol’ “moo juice,” soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, and coconut milk. Note that there are other, lesser known, milk substitutes out there like oat milk, peanut milk, hemp milk, and milk made from other grains. Without further ado, the nutrition labels of the Big Five:
Read More

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday Night

A bunch of us ran Johnson rd last night. I threw in a little twist.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coyote Sighting - Part 2

I'm pretty sure I saw my coyote friend again this morning. This time s/he was crossing main street close to where we make the turn up Lake Ave in Winchester on the IA route. It's not far at all from where the first sighting occurred. I'm begining to think it is actually just a dog and my poor vision and vivid imagination is making it into something it's not. Anyway, it looked just like this:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


7x600's 2-1/2 mins rest

00 m 2:05
600 m 2:03
600 m 2:02
600 m 2:03
600 m 2:02
600 m 2:03
600 m 1:53