Friday, January 14, 2011

Can Fruit Make You Fat??

The five most nutritious fruits

An apple a day just doesn’t cut it anymore, and too many apples could make you fat.

That’s the advice of Iva Young, a nutritional expert who warns that the wrong kinds of fruits can actually do more harm than good.

“We really should be smart about the fruits we consume,” said Young, author of Healthy Mom ( “After all, remember that fruits are very similar to breads, pastas, rice, and other high carbohydrate-rich foods in that fruits are high in carbs. That is one reason why we should only consume a certain amount, and choose the fruits that are lower in sugar. If you pick the right fruits and eat the proper portions, then you will give your body what it needs and it will benefit greatly from your efforts.”

So, which fruits offer the biggest health boost? Young named the following fruits, all of which are comparatively low in sugar, as her top five:

· Raspberries -
· Blackberries -
· Kiwi -
· Strawberries -
· Oranges -

“Sugar is also something that you should keep your eye on, because it affects the health of your teeth and the functioning of your hormones, specifically leptin,” she added. “Leptin is the important hormone responsible for telling the body that you should stop eating. With excess amounts of sugar in your body, the amount of leptin is diminished, which causes you to overeat. Excess sugar also has been known to cause intestinal issues increasing the chances of bloating, which causes your stomach to stick out and look like you have extra fat. That’s how consuming too many sugar-rich fruits can actually make you look fat, and make you feel less healthy than if you didn’t eat any fruits at all.”

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Healthy Iva said...

People need to really understand how our body handles FRUCTOSE sugar (fruit sugar) in order to appreciate the practice of watching which fruits we eat. Obviously eating any fruit over a candy bar is a smarter choice...but when picking fruits in general they are not created equal!