Sunday, October 30, 2011

MacGyver Tips


Freeze Candles to Make them Last Twice as Long

Candles will last longer (almost 2X), if they are placed in the freezer for a day before using them. Chilling the wax gives it a bit longer before burning through and leaving you with an empty jar. For some candles this will also cause them to drip less and burn straight down without burning through the side of the candle.

Use Doritos (or Other Chips) to Start a Fire
All kind of chips work for that. Works as well as birch bark for starting a fire in a hurry.
If you think about it, its basically pure hydrocarbons (which burn) soaked in fat (which burns). You'll still need a match or something to spark your fire.

How to Make Tea Using a Coffee Pot.
Yes, it is possible to make tea using a coffee pot, and no it won't send your coffee maker to coffee heaven. It's a useful fix for brewing a large pot of herbal tea that you want to keep warm for hours, such as when you're caring for someone with a cold or the flu.

Keep Your Kitchen Sponges Dry and Grime-Free with Binder Clips
If you leave your kitchen sponges flat on the counter, you may notice they can get pretty gross—mostly because they won't dry as quickly. The solution? Stand it up on a binder clip. It'll air dry much quicker and your sponge will last longer. Just one more reason to have a big bag of these things lying around.


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