Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keep Simple part III

from Eat Move Improve

1. Sleep
2. Nutrition
3. Training
4. Destressing

3. Training

While I tend to strongly encourage weights over doing cardio, getting off your butt is getting off your butt for most people. As long as you are doing something, it is better than nothing.

And, after all, everyone has their own goals. I like to try to inform people the whys of why strength training typically is more effective to get people to their goals faster. However, as long as people are getting up and moving it is good.

Movement is life.

Since I have been down and out with my training for a while, you really learn to appreciate things more. Even though I’m fairly young (mid-20s still) I have gotten a taste of very hard training and burnout already. I have had some of my fair share of injuries.

Training and exercise, while working to our different goals is fun. But sometimes, just take a few steps back and really enjoy the process. Take days off here and there to do things with your family.

I used to be the one who would skip going out with friends to play basketball (and I still hate basketball), to go train by myself and train my strength. However, strength can wait. Enjoy some time and memories with your friends.

If you’ve been thinking about learning new sports or trying new activities do it. Life can get hectic and busy, and we often get stuck in our ruts.

Learning new things can be frustrating at times, but it also engages us and challenges in a way that helps to free up accumulated stress in our bodies and minds.

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