Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Last Part

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Subsequently, a reorganized list would look like:

1. Sleep
2. Nutrition
3. Training
4. Destressing


I kinda covered a bunch of the tips in the sleep section since stress and sleep quality are very intimately related. Actually, all 4 of the qualities I have talked about – sleep, nutrition, training, and stress – are all interconnected to optimal health.

Optimizing these are really 99% of the things we can do to benefit both our health and fitness.

Really, movement related destress is the best.

Massage and soft tissue work. As you may well know I am a big proponent of massage for pretty much anything and everything. Use lacrosse balls, tennis balls, foam rollers, etc to poke around your body to help loosen up. Kelly Starrett’s mobility wod is a great resource.

Females actually do have some destressing things right such as taking hot baths, enjoying hot tubs, and going to the spa. Pretty much anything goes much like soft tissue work that helps you significantly relax and enjoy yourself.

Laugh. Watch or listen to funny things. Laughter actually does beneficial things for immune system function. Funny but true.

Meditation and prayer also produce similar effects. Acupuncture may produce similar effects as well.

The real thing is just do something you enjoy or something that gets you to relax. Destress yourself. Sleep more… get rid of the chronic stress. Not only will this improve your mood and attitude but it will also improve your health and subsequently performance as well.


Supplements are supplements.

Like I have stated in previous nutrition articles, aim to fix sleep, nutrition, and training before you even think about supplementing.


It’s always a good idea step back and reassess what you’re doing with your life.

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in family, work, school, even training and nutrition. Don’t be dogmatic about things.

Spare some time and invest it back into your body.

After all, health is one of the most precious gifts we have as humans.

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