Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Consider eating more Cinnamon to help you get Leaner and Healthier

Cinnamon Benefits

Cinnamon has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and/or glucose tolerance. Essentially, this means that cinnamon helps your body use carbs better and keep your blood sugar more moderate. In the end, this not only helps you get and stay leaner, but it also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and/or ameliorates its effects.

Cinnamon...your new BFF.

There are quite a few studies pointing to this fact. Some show cinnamon itself to have effect, while others also show a cinnamon extract (Cinnulin PF) to have the same beneficial effects.

By the way, this is why you now see cinnamon supplements in stores these days. I saw them at Wal-mart just the other day. Supplement retailers are capitalizing on the attention these studies will get (and are getting).

I, myself, would skip the supplements and go for the real deal.

One easy way to get more cinnamon is to put some in your morning oatmeal…assuming you have oatmeal for breakfast. If not, put it on your Ezekiel bread and make cinnamon toast out of it. Or add some cinnamon to any shakes you have. (I LOVE apple and cinnamon shakes made with vanilla protein!) My brother-in-law, who is quite the amateur chef, puts cinnamon in his homemade spaghetti sauce.

However you wanna ingest the cinnamon is up to you. But the point is, it sure seems that cinnamon does a body good. So you may wanna make a conscious effort to consume more…or to consume at least some here and there if you’re not already.

As always, run stuff like this by your doc (who’s hopefully well-versed in nutrition). And I mean this seriously, not just as a disclaimer of sorts. For example, if you’re diabetic and take insulin to tightly control your blood glucose, then you may have an adverse glucose-lowering effect after consuming cinnamon.

This is one example of why you should ALWAYS run things your nutrition-savvy doc, because you never know. Something that seems mild or innocuous may have a deleterious effect on you.
How Much Cinnamon is Enough?

According to my calculations, 1 tsp of cinnamon is just under 3 grams. And that appears to be an ‘effective’ dose of cinnamon. Just keep in mind that you can’t just sprinkle a few microscopic cinnamon flakes on your oats and expect to get the improvement in glucose tolerance that’s being shown in studies.

Oh, and I’ll close with this – cinnamon also has antioxidant effects. So not only does cinnamon help keep blood glucose under control, it also binds to those gnarly free radicals that are trying to wreak havoc on us. Thanks cinnamon! We appreciate your hard work. :)

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