Friday, August 17, 2012

Hunger is not an Emergency.

Hunger is quite simply a signal, either physical or neurological. We have many hormones at play that will tell us when our body is in need of feeding, or expects to be fed. Here’s the kicker though: you can ignore it, and you’ll be just fine. Because we’re creatures of habit, we tend to adapt to certain behaviors and schedules. If you eat breakfast everyday at 8am, then don’t eat the next day until 10am, you will probably experience strong hunger pangs. This will happen regardless of when your last meal was, etc.

If you are used to eating every 3 hours, try on occasion spreading out your feeding window to every 6 hours. You could also eat all your meals for a given day in a condensed 8 hour window, then fast the remaining 16 hours.

There is much to be gained from opting for deliberate periods of mild starvation both from a mental and metabolic standpoint. It will help break any cycles of dependence you have with food, and make you able to function without eating for longer than you may ideally like to.

Eat when you are hungry and until you are full, except when you can’t, and that’s totally fine too.

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