Friday, September 21, 2012

Are All Marketers Liars?


Did you catch Quaker’s claims and tagline? Here are the highlights:
    • “They’re whole grain good, and yummy good.”
    • Real fruit pieces
    • 12g of whole grains
    • Creamy yogurt coating
    • Tagline: “Treat Yourself Good”
So what do you think? Is Quaker lying? Well, while selling all the wonderful taste and whole grain aspects of their new yogurt granola bar, they’re definitely leanwashing some very unhealthy details from the ingredient label:
    • 11 g of sugar from a vast variety of sources. If all these sugars were listed together on the ingredient label, I suspect “sugars” might be the first ingredient for these bars.
    • A yogurt coating that is yogurt in name only. These coatings use highly processed, shelf-stable dairy ingredients (most likely from cows treated with growth hormones) and flavors to imitate the taste of yogurt. The truth is, these coatings are all sugar and fat, and have no active cultures and none of the probiotic benefits of yogurt.
    • 4.5g of fat of which 2.5g are saturated fats
    • GMOs from genetically modified soy, corn, and sugar
    • Preservatives (BHT) and artificial colors
    • Palm kernel and palm oils which are often harvested unsustainably, resulting in deforestation and reduction of critical habitats
So what’s so good about Quaker’s Yogurt Granola bars? Well, there are 12g of whole grain, but is that enough to make a food item good for you? Even Lucky Charms Treats have whole grains, but are they healthy? In fact, guess what? In a side-by-side comparison with Lucky Charms Treats, the venerable Quaker man comes up short vs. the little leprechaun:

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