Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Read Supplement Labels: Sneaky Ways They Try to Trick You

Ingredient Listing Tricks

supplements, ingredients, nutritional facts, protein powder, label claimsAs you can see, claims listed on the front of any packaging can be misleading and the only place to look is the ingredient panel. Ingredients have to be listed in order by the amount of each ingredient from most used to the least used. Careful, there are tricks companies use to get around this rule as well. For example, you might see the words “protein blend” followed by ingredients listed in parentheses, for example: "(whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, soy protein isolate)." There may be, and most likely is, less than a gram of the highest quality ingredient, whey isolate, in this product. By listing it in the “protein blend” companies avoid having to put whey protein isolate at the end of the ingredient list and alert consumers that there is only a dust cloud of this quality ingredient available.

Although not all products that have blends are necessarily using these rules to their advantage, be very aware of products that list “protein blend” or “protein matrix” as their main source of protein because you really don’t know how much of each component exists. It’s like saying you’ll receive a proprietary cash matrix for your paycheck (ones, fives, and tens) and when you open your wallet, there to greet you is nothing but ones, a five, and a ripped up ten.

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