Friday, October 5, 2012

Farah was the weakest athlete I've ever seen, says coach Salazar

 By Jonathan McEvoy

Salazar said: ‘When Mo came to me 18 months ago, he was a skinny distance runner with a great engine but no upper body. At the end of races, he would tire and his head would bob around and his arms would flail.
‘He was the weakest athlete I’d ever trained — in terms of core strength and being able to do push-ups, sit-ups and single-leg squats. He was a 90lb weakling.
‘The No 1 thing that has helped Mo is not the 110 miles a week he puts in on the road, but the seven hours a fortnight in the gym.’ 

The Farah-Salazar collaboration has proved a triumph after Farah travelled to Portland, Oregon, to work with the former New York marathon specialist at the start of last year.
Speaking to the Evening Standard, Salazar added: ‘When Mo takes off his shirt, coaches who have worked with him just  can’t believe how ripped he is.’ The Cuban said Farah gained a surge of energy from the crowd on the final straight that took him clear of his challengers in Saturday night’s 5,000m.
‘But also Mo dug deeper than I have seen any athlete do. You’re talking about a man who has more heart, more guts and more soul than any athlete I’ve ever seen,’ said Salazar.

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