Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weight Gain in a Nutshell

I observed some interesting things regarding health on my recent international trip.  Basically, I could see the process of my "How to Lose Weight" page in reverse.
Due to flight schedules, I ended up with less sleep than usual.  And so then I noticed going down this path:
  1. Get less sleep
  2. Get stressed
  3. Start to eat when not hungry
  4. Find it difficult to know when full
  5. Crave junk food
  6. Have less motivation to move around

All of this is a one-way ticket to weight gain, and it was all set in motion by the lack of sleep!  I felt like I gained a pound or two over the weekend there, though obviously it will reverse now that I'm back to normal circumstances.
I still view sleep/darkness time as the bedrock of health.  This "experiment" only further confirmed my thoughts.

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