Friday, December 7, 2012

Here’s How a Little Snack becomes a Calorie Bomb

Does the following ever happen to you? You are buying something non food related, and at the check out counter you see a tasty snack that you just can’t resist? You rationalize that it’s only a tiny treat, you need a pick-me-up, and that it’s really just a 100 calorie sin out of 1600 healthy calories you are eating today. Well that’s what happened to our friend Nena the other day. She eats healthy, cooks most meals, is only 5 pounds overweight, and usually stays away from junk food. Somehow she found herself holding her childhood favorite – Twix – which she proceeded to wolf down in a few minutes. Nena knows Twix is not healthy by any long shot. But the packaging clearly says 110 calories, so she was not too concerned. it was only after she ate all 4 “fingers” that she realized the calorie information was PER SERVING, not per package. Twix Portion DistortionReading the small print, Nena realized she had actually consumed 440 calories, which is over 25% of her daily calorie budget! This was an unintended snacking occasion come-calorie-bomb that was led on by very craftily (shall we say deceiving?) presentation of nutrition information to consumers. The Twix package is single use, once you tear it, you need to eat everything in it. True, you can share with friends, or your kids, or save some for later in your purse (hoping the chocolate won’t melt all over your things). But most people will eat all 4 pieces as a single portion. This is just one small example of how little tricks are played on us to get us to eat more crap. How have you been duped recently?

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