Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cold Remedy

With the summer ending, cold season is starting. Some people say the first cold of the fall is how they know the seasons are changing. Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of cold remedies and while each persons body and immune system is different, I believe that my solution is simple and effective.
Basically when you experience cold symptoms it’s your body fighting off some sort of foreign invader by making your body a less hospitable place to live. A high fever is one of the tools we have in our arsenals though it’s not a very effective one. So the idea is to boost our immune system as much as possible and sooth our symptoms. My solution involves two very common ingredients, Zinc and Lime.
As soon as you start to feel something nasty coming on, follow this protocol:
100mg of Zinc first thing in the morning (I usually take Zinc Gluconate but you can try Chelated Zinc or other forms to see which you tolerate best)

4 Eight Ounce glasses of fresh water with one whole lime squeezed into it
50mg of Zinc right before bed
I find that this keeps me at 90% or better and I continue this protocol until I feel better. Zinc is a super immune booster as is Lime. Even though lime is a citric acid it has an alkalizing effect in our body and is very cleansing to our systems.
Let me know in the comments what methods you use and if you have success with mine.

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