Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Post Workout Nutrition


Nutrition step one for pretty much everyone that walks through the door at CFSS revolves around improving food quality. Stop eating so much sugar, reduce grain consumption, eat more animal protein, avoid processed foods, and eat MORE of these high quality foods to fuel athletic performance.

What to do once you’ve got that down? Now we can really start to look at utilizing food to improve performance in the gym and recovery between training sessions. If you are training hard and often, I recommend getting in a high protein / high carbohydrate meal almost immediately after training. Gauge the size of the meal with the size of the workout you just performed; also keep in mind your potential activity level tomorrow as well. If you plan on hitting a long run or demanding workout, fill up on some starchy carbs in advance of that workout.

Think of you post training meal as accelerated recovery and a great place to put the bulk of your carbohydrate intake for the day. Try being more proactive in your post-workout nutrition for a weeks and evaluate whether or not you notice a difference in your output and recovery.

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