Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Are Eggs Good for You? 30 Reasons to Eat Eggs


Eggs have gotten a bad rap in the past and unfortunately, many today still believe the wide spread misinformation.
Are eggs good for you? Do they cause heart disease? Do they raise cholesterol? Should I avoid them?
Depending on who you ask, you may get very different answers to these questions. Many traditional doctors still would answer that eggs increase  cholesterol and should be avoided. Some are adamant that only the egg white should be used because of the cholesterol in the yolk. Even when trying to research this topic, some articles still push the idea that eggs are harmful and in order to prevent health problems, one should avoid them.
I have to admit that I once believed the propaganda spread in the media and by drug pushing corporations. It wasn’t until I first began seeing a naturopath that I heard that eggs are good for you and the doctors are the ones who have it wrong. Sure, the first time my naturopath said that, I thought he must be crazy, how could doctors be wrong? Sadly, they are and not just about eggs.
Eggs are actually a super-food, they are packed with nutrients vitamins and health benefits!

But don’t eggs raise your cholesterol?

One of the main reasons eggs are avoided is due to fear of them increasing cholesterol. However, several studies have shown that not only do eggs not raise LDL cholesterol, but lower it. According to a recent study, those consuming 3 eggs per day over 12 weeks were found to have lower LDL cholesterol and raised  HDL. Another study showed that those who consumed 4 or more eggs per week had lower cholesterol than those who only ate one egg per week.


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