Friday, July 5, 2013

Supermarkets – Your Friendly Neighbourhood Fast-Food Warehouse

Just enough time to do a very quick commentary on supermarkets.  We get all up in arms about fast-food outlets sprouting up everywhere, and about the amount of crap-in-a-bag and fattening fizz pop sold in your neighbourhood convenience store.  And we get positively feral when a bottle store opens in the middle of our suburban dream.  Yet we barely bat an eyelid when a supermarket opens up in a nice and handy location to us.  Maybe, however, we need to rethink that attitude as supermarkets, it would seem, are where we are buying all the crap, including alcohol.

Sure, they look all wholesome… flower stands at the front door, a sea of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables as you enter.  But scoot past that lot, as many of you will tend to do, turn a corner, and you are warped into a twilight zone of fast foods and drinks.  I can say this with a degree of confidence as I was fortunate enough to have been leaked commercially sensitive data under threat of death if I give up my source (it turns out that just because your work for Big Food, it doesn’t mean you are all on board with what they are up to).

Back in 2009, similar data was leaked to the newspapers and appeared as this story, making for very sad reading as to just what New Zealanders were spending their money on in supermarkets.  As it turns out, we are indeed all fat because of all those high-fat foods we are eating.  It isn’t the sugar after all.  Just have a look at that 2009 list and see;
The top 10 items sold in Supermarkets…
1. Coca-Cola 1.5l
2. Wattie’s spaghetti 420g
3. Coca-Cola 2.25l
4. QB Nature’s Fresh white toast 700g
5. Wattie’s baked beans 420g
6. Dole bobby bananas (850g)
7. Tip Top super soft white toast 700g
8. Sprite lemonade 1.5l
9. QB Molenberg original toast 700g

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