Monday, September 9, 2013

The Inverse Relationship Between Max Effort, Short-Term Complex Skills and Multiple Repetitions


The two extremes make sense when looking at both ends of the energy continuum. They clearly show the opposite ends of certain qualities and abilities, such as:

  • A short sprint vs. an ultra-distance run
  • Immediate energy output vs. long-sustained energy output
  • Fast speed vs. slow speed
  • Maximum muscular contraction vs. complete muscular relaxation
  • High intensity vs. low intensity effort

  • Simple skills: 50 burpees or 200 mountain climbers. No external resistance is used and thus a lessened risk of injury.
  • Complex skills: 20 barbell hang cleans to push press with 50% of your one repetition maximum or 15 one-arm kettlebell clean-squat-presses with significant resistance.

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