Saturday, October 5, 2013

Flax, chia, juice cleanses, green smoothies & juicing

Flax and Chia

My overall take:
Flax and chia seeds can be fun in recipes, may be helpful for fiber intake, and useful if you are intolerant to eggs as a binder in some of those recipes. But if you think you’re getting useful omega 3 fatty acids from either of these plant-based sources, think again. They’re more useful for fiber and texture in your food than for any deep nutritional benefits

Juice Cleanses
My overall take:
You don’t need to complete a juice cleanse to detoxify yourself from the ill effects of processed/refined foods – you can do it naturally, 24/7, with the balanced approach of nutrient dense whole food, optimizing digestion, moving, stress reduction, and by reducing the toxins in your environment. If you are seeking a guided program for starting Paleo or maybe you are looking for a reset after over-indulged during a holiday, long-term travel or stress, you can check out my 21-Day Sugar Detox. The program offers a balanced approach to naturally detoxing with real food. You get e-mails, recipes, an extensive, customizable program guide, and lots of other bonus materials.

Green Smoothies & JuicingIf you are struggling with weight issues, I’d avoid smoothies until you have reached your goal. Assuming your digestion is all good, and you don’t throw too many greens (as in 1-2 handfuls-not 5 servings!) or too much fruit into the blender, you can make some decent smoothies that are green. Don’t forget the FAT – vegetables are better assimilated when ingested with good fats

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