Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Military Special Operations: Do You Have the Mental Fortitude to Make It?

The Typical Day of Special Forces Training

4:00AM - You wake up, which blows for most people.

5:00AM-8:30AM - You work out. 

Typically, that means you run six to eight miles with a thirty-pound rock that will be passed around between ten people, so you can stay behind the instructor. After that, most of the time the instructors don’t think you’re tired, so you do calisthenics such as push ups, strict pull ups, and sit ups. Then you continue your run. After that, you go into an obstacle course, and from there you weight train, swim 500 meters, or bike for 45 minutes. Break it down guys, you are working out for three and a half hours. This is not your typical WOD, is it?

9:00AM-5:00PM - You are in class where your average can be no lower than 80%.

What most people finish in two years, you “may” finish in three to four months. That is, if you don’t fail out - since the wash out rate is around 60%-70%. Oh, I forgot to mention, if you do anything wrong (which many times you do), you are in for a long night. The instructors will wake you up in the middle of the night so you can carry logs, ruck with anywhere from sixty to 75 pounds strapped to your back, run - or worse. You also may assume that means you can sleep in. Sorry folks, no you can’t. You still have to get up at 4:00AM and do your regular schedule. I know many of you may also be wondering when you eat. Well, unfortunately that is your responsibility in this school.

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