Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Pizza Cleanse: Testing the benefits of eating only pizza for five days straight

By Andy Kryza

Every day, some new uber-cleanse hits the market, but who wants to turn into a zombie during a week-long juice diet? Why does doing something healthy have to taste like crap?
We thought it was a bluff. And so we embarked on the first-ever Pizza Cleanse.
The rules were simple: for five themed days, our intrepid anti-vegetable reporter ate three square meals of pizza per day. He paired it with an organic greens beverage each morning, moderate exercise, and whatever the hell else he wanted to drink. And then things got dark, and not just because another DiGiorno was on fire in the oven.
Keep reading to see if the Pizza Cleanse is right for you/if you enjoy watching men descend into outright madness.  READ MORE

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