Wednesday, March 26, 2014

An Athlete's Guide to Inflammation: What to Eat and What to Avoid


Any athlete who pounds his or her body week in and week out with PRs, 1RMs, triples and doubles, sprints, long weekend runs, and the list goes on, is inflamed in some way. These activities all have a profound impact on the body. Not only do they initiate increases in strength, muscle growth, and increased endurance, but they also increase the amount of inflammation in the body. This inflammation could be from stress and the subsequent cortisol release into the body, the swelling of joints, or the breaking down and building back up of muscle protein.
This inflammatory response in most cases will be the result of micro-traumas affecting muscles, connective tissue, joints, and bone. These micro-traumas are what allow your body to adapt and withstand a similar workout in the future. In fact, regular exercise can even help an athlete adapt enough to lower the level of inflammation in the body. But without the proper level of nutritional support or knowledge of the foods that could cause you inflammation issues, you could be fighting an uphill battle.


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