Friday, October 24, 2014

Is Your Supermarket Sabotaging Your Diet?


America has become an obesogneic country. That’s because everywhere you turn to, unhealthy food and beverage are within arms reach. Supermarkets have become part of the problem.
In a recent study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, 240 obese adults from the greater Boston area participated in a weight loss intervention that focused on increasing fiber intake. The participants were highly motivated, but motivation was not enough to succeed. The offerings at the local grocery store had a profound effect on the chances of success:
“…even among these highly motivated patients, those who had a shorter trip to the nearest grocery store with a good selection of healthy foods did better in boosting their consumption of fiber and fruits and vegetables than those who had to travel farther for healthy foods, the researchers found.” Read more…
Around 40% of the supermarkets in the vicinity of the dieters did not have an adequate proportion of healthy fare such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grain foods. The researchers found a correlation between access to a “healthier” grocery store and success in the dietary intervention. Not surprising.
According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), supermarkets set us up for failure at the checkout counter. It is basically a booby-trap for healthy eaters because nothing at the checkout can be considered even close to healthful. End-caps, the items sold at the ends of the aisles, usually tend to be junk foods as well.
Does the supermarket close to your home have a good selection of fresh produce and healthy foods? Do you choose to drive farther in order to purchase healthier food?

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